Characteristics and efficiency

It is an organic product, which improves the efficiency of applications of agrochemical and foliar fertilizers by facilitating the penetration of active agents into the leaves, while reducing the surface tension of the solution and increasing the contact surface area.

 It is compatible and enhances the application of bio-Controllers, such as Trichoderma Harzianum and Metharizium Anisoplae

Recommendations for use

Add half of the water into the sprinkler tank, pour the products to be used in the indicated dose and then incorporate the Fitocarrier, always keeping the agitation and then complete with the other half of the water remaining.

The dosage recommended is:  0.5% (250 cc x 100 liters of solution)


It is not toxic in the recommended doses


It is Compatible with most agro-inputs, except strongly acid and calcium-based products. In those cases a test is recommended, mixing at a dose of 0.25%


Store in a cool place, out of the reach of children and pets

Do not use the container for another purpose